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Fraser Island and Lady Musgrave Island


After a nice trip to Fraser Island and Lady Musgrave Island, I have some pictures to show you here! I also add wallpapers.

Finally, a small gift for Marc: I found your future 4WD!!

Posted by: coraliebarbier | May 30, 2008

Mr Fenner – edition 2008

Hello everyone!

Today, Girl stuff.

You’ve seen him in your dream, you’ve been waiting for him all your life…

Your Prince charming?? Nooo, better… Sammy in his best role ever, Mr Fenner!

If you want to see sexy boys, no way, you have to click here

If you are a boy, you can also have a look, it’s was so fun that it shouldn’t be exclusively reserved to women!

Posted by: coraliebarbier | May 27, 2008

Carey’s caves

If you like caves, you will probably like these ones… Click here!

Posted by: coraliebarbier | May 24, 2008

Pambula and Merimbula

Our first week-end all together with Alba, Amadeo, Beatriz, Michael and Sammy.

Click here  to access the page!

Posted by: coraliebarbier | May 20, 2008

I love Sydney

Finally, Sydney is online!

Click here to follow my adventures in this city, or here if you want to download some wallpapers.

Posted by: coraliebarbier | May 16, 2008

Special nights

All the nights I spent with my friends in Fenner Hall (the residence I live in) are here!

I also added some wallpapers from Tasmania, and next week, Sydney’s coming!

Posted by: coraliebarbier | May 14, 2008

Contest results

Hey everyone,

Tim Tams contest is over!


Alba and Alex are the happy winners of part 1. Despite a first bad bad bad trial, they finally won with an amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing 9-minute advance on their competitors (Mark, you’re so slow… I prefer to have two left feet when I dance rather than being such a turtle…)!

Apparently, they didn’t fight for the Tim Tams. However, I wonder… 11 biscuits, 2 people, who had the 11th one? You could have given it to me, he!!

Alba is also the winner of part 2, with 3 relevant ideas. As a consequence, she will have a second pack of Tim Tams, double coat of course…

However, because he really made a great effort to think (which is already a difficult thing for him… sorry, it was too easy!) about solutions for my blog, in order to get the prize (because everyone knows that even if he claims he is not addicted to Tim Tams, he is!!), Michael will also win a pack of these delicious biscuits. I don’t think that I make a mistake saying that he will ask me for Double Coat ones (sooo predictable!)

For your interest, here are the answers to Part 1:

1 – Tasmania, Russell falls

2 – Officially the French law, but family law applies

3 – New Calédonia, Isle of Pines

4 – No competitors!

Happy Tim Tams, and for the others, thanks for your participation, and try again next time!

Posted by: coraliebarbier | May 9, 2008

Contest – WIN FREE Tim Tams!

ATTENTION, Fans of Tim Tams!

Your Tim Tams’ stock is exhausted? Here is a very easy way to get some for free… Interested? You just need to answer the following 5 questions.

Here are the rules:

– Part 1 and Part 2 are independant. There will be one prize for Part 1 and another prize for Part 2.

– Part 1:

          – Winner: the first person who will find all the good answers.

          – Prize: a pack of Tim Tams Original

          – You can find easily all the answers by navigating on my blog.

– Part 2:

          – Winner: the person who will provide the most relevant ideas/thoughts in my opinion (no need to play up with me, I’m even-handed!)

          – Prize:  a pack of Tim Tams of your choice

          – This question requires that you think by yourself! You have till Tuesday 13th May 5p.m to submit your answers.

– Answers to Part 1 and Part 2 have to be submitted as comments on my blog.


1) Where was this picture taken?

2) What kind of law governs one of New Caledonia’s islands?

3) Where was this picture taken?


4) Who are Tim Tams’s competitors? (Ha haaaa…! Ok, I’m nice: it’s a tricky one.)


How would you improve this blog? (Don’t worry, I’m not asking you for theories or precise ideas, except if you have some! Your opinion about my blog is already a very interesting point, and you can also ask me to talk about specific topics.)

Posted by: coraliebarbier | May 6, 2008


My first week in Canberra is online! I know I’m very late, but still, it was a nice week. Have a look by clicking here.

And don’t forget… At the end of the week, Tim Tams contest will be open!

Posted by: coraliebarbier | May 2, 2008

Here begins Aussie culture

By food obviously! If you like cooking, especially desserts, go to this page.

ATTENTION!! Next week, contest!

First (and only… sorry I’m not that rich) prize: TIM TAMS!!

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