Posted by: coraliebarbier | May 9, 2008

Contest – WIN FREE Tim Tams!

ATTENTION, Fans of Tim Tams!

Your Tim Tams’ stock is exhausted? Here is a very easy way to get some for free… Interested? You just need to answer the following 5 questions.

Here are the rules:

– Part 1 and Part 2 are independant. There will be one prize for Part 1 and another prize for Part 2.

– Part 1:

          – Winner: the first person who will find all the good answers.

          – Prize: a pack of Tim Tams Original

          – You can find easily all the answers by navigating on my blog.

– Part 2:

          – Winner: the person who will provide the most relevant ideas/thoughts in my opinion (no need to play up with me, I’m even-handed!)

          – Prize:  a pack of Tim Tams of your choice

          – This question requires that you think by yourself! You have till Tuesday 13th May 5p.m to submit your answers.

– Answers to Part 1 and Part 2 have to be submitted as comments on my blog.


1) Where was this picture taken?

2) What kind of law governs one of New Caledonia’s islands?

3) Where was this picture taken?


4) Who are Tim Tams’s competitors? (Ha haaaa…! Ok, I’m nice: it’s a tricky one.)


How would you improve this blog? (Don’t worry, I’m not asking you for theories or precise ideas, except if you have some! Your opinion about my blog is already a very interesting point, and you can also ask me to talk about specific topics.)



  1. PART 1
    1- Russell falls in Tasmania
    2- French civil law
    3- Beach of New Cadelonia
    4- Anzac Biscuits
    PART 2
    You need a page about you!! another talking about the strange things of Australia, and about the Fauna of here and ….Fenner, how is the hall and more…

  2. PART 1
    1- Russell falls in Tasmania
    2- Family law
    3- Beach of New Cadelonia
    4- There is not competitors!!!
    PART 2
    You need a page about yourself!! another talking about the strange things of Australia (animals included) and…..Fenner that is now your home!!

  3. 1- Russell falls Tazzie !!!!
    2- erm not sure I could cheat but I won’t
    3-Somewhere in New Cadelonia ?
    4- The facebook people you just message on I could name, names but won’t take up too much blog space.
    p.s I’m one of them
    Part 2
    mmmmm….. funny things that happen you like a person page of embrassing moments like how you actually believed that my hair colour changed due to stress, mmmm… shane and what happen there?! Oh how you have 2 left feet when dancing that kinda stuff hee hee hee
    p.s you can come kill me later when you read this

  4. Ayyy, we are the first ones with all the correct answers :):):) *YAAAAAYYY*

    1 – Russell falls in Tasmania
    2- French law is the official one, but they have their own as well
    3- Isle of Pines
    4- of course there are none!!!!

    PART 2

    A new page all about elephant undies 🙂

  5. part I

    1- Montezuma falls, Russell falls and the Tall Trees

    2-Often, the head-men from the differents tribes meet to speak about the issues that they can face. They also play the role of judges in trials (even if the French law is the official one, they have their own as well). >

    3- New caledonia

    4- are you kidding me???????? tims tam’s competitor, impossible in this world, on th eEarth, in this univers…. i just have a farmer memory of them….. but i know nothing else can arriver a la cheville( lol) f these cookies.. oups sorry of TIM TAM …. because tim tams are not mere “”cookies”” , NO!!! these are TIMTAM …but i am sure if i can receive some of them from a perfect girl like you it cuold be better! because there is nothing better than Tim tams except timtam you get from your most fabulous and gorgeous friend!

    part II

    this blog is cool! because we have some stories (and history) of the country you visit. and funny too. just for pictures, not so many. i dont like the thing where photos are. you have to wait for them or go on another website… or also maybe have more stuff. just put some picture. i wanna see you in australia , you know just pictures from a party or i dont know. or maybe on FB , 😉


  7. Hm, it seems that I am too late for winning the first contest. But I am anyway not interested in original Tim Tams, I want double coated Tim Tams!

    And as I really want them, I’ve spent hours thinking about your blog and its impression on me.

    And the result is …

    Well, even though you make me look like a Tim Tam addict (which I am of course not!), it is hard to find anything I don’t like about your blog. I love your humour, the picture-text-ratio is just perfect and the creative content is always entertaining. (Yes, I do not just say nice things because I want the Tim Tams. But I want the Tim Tams!)

    As Alba said, I would like too read more about your daily life here, studying at ANU, Amadeos cakes and such things, but maybe that would take too much time …

    I also thought it might be a good idea to have some kind of general information about your blog on the start page, so that new visitors immediately understand what they have to expect (who you are, why you write this blog, about what you write, …).

    Maybe I can think of something else tomorrow morning. Good Night!

  8. But Coralie, you have to delete my first comment, the second is the right one!!

  9. Eyy!! I´m the winner!!! I have the Tim Tams!!!!

    I´m really sorry Michael!!(no i´n not, hahahaha)

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