Posted by: coraliebarbier | May 14, 2008

Contest results

Hey everyone,

Tim Tams contest is over!


Alba and Alex are the happy winners of part 1. Despite a first bad bad bad trial, they finally won with an amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing 9-minute advance on their competitors (Mark, you’re so slow… I prefer to have two left feet when I dance rather than being such a turtle…)!

Apparently, they didn’t fight for the Tim Tams. However, I wonder… 11 biscuits, 2 people, who had the 11th one? You could have given it to me, he!!

Alba is also the winner of part 2, with 3 relevant ideas. As a consequence, she will have a second pack of Tim Tams, double coat of course…

However, because he really made a great effort to think (which is already a difficult thing for him… sorry, it was too easy!) about solutions for my blog, in order to get the prize (because everyone knows that even if he claims he is not addicted to Tim Tams, he is!!), Michael will also win a pack of these delicious biscuits. I don’t think that I make a mistake saying that he will ask me for Double Coat ones (sooo predictable!)

For your interest, here are the answers to Part 1:

1 – Tasmania, Russell falls

2 – Officially the French law, but family law applies

3 – New Calédonia, Isle of Pines

4 – No competitors!

Happy Tim Tams, and for the others, thanks for your participation, and try again next time!




    it is not because i am in Sweden i cannot be the winner!!!
    in addition, i know i was the first one to answer on your mail box! you didnot say we had to reply on your blog . so i won… on your mailbox, do i? yes, i do, so i also WANT MY TIMTAM 😀

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