Australian cuisine: recipes

Tim Tams

What is Australia without Tim Tams? It’s like France without cheese or wine… Hmmmmm Tim Tams, Michael’s big love and everyone else’s passion… At least ours. But, what’s a Tim Tam?

A Tim Tam is a delicious chocolate biscuit created by the marvelous Arnott’s.  Two slices of crunchy chocolate and caramel biscuit coat vanilla, caramel or chocolate cream. Here is a nice picture (Michael, don’t try, you can’t eat this one): 

 Wonderful Arnott’s was clever enough to know that his customers, after trying the Tim Tam Original, would like to get more. So, he invented: TimTam double coat (with more chocolate, our favorite one!), Tim Tam Chewy Caramel, Tim Tam hazelnut Praline, and a lot more. Of course, sometimes, wonderful Arnott’s is not that wonderful and creates TimTam Pinkwish, with chemical rapsberry, erk!

Interesting characteristic (maybe not for you, but for us!): the number of biscuits is different depending on which TimTam you choose. Big issue when you are 8 people starving in the coldness of Tasmania, and that suddenly the pack of TimTams is here in front of you… One for each, and then, what to do with the 1, 2 or 3 biscuits left… Lottery of course, and as usual, I lost. Life’s unfair..

The Tim Tam Slam seems to be the best (and somehow also a traditional) way to eat Tim Tams.

Prepare a hot beverage (coffee or hot chocolate). Nibble two opposite corners of the Tim Tam. Then, hold it between your thumb and forefinger and put one of the nibbled corner in your mouth, and the other one in the beverage. And now… use your TimTam as a straw to drink your coffee/chocolate. And before that your biscuit is completely melted, let it melt in your mouth.. Miam miam!

If you are, like me, a Tim Tam addicted, maybe you wish to know some other ways to eat it… Click on the recipe that makes you salivate!

Tim Tam Chewy Caramel Explosion,  Tim Tam Thickshake, Tim Tam Chocolate SundaeTim Tam Cheesecake.

You can also visit Arnott’s official website by clicking here.

Lamington and Fairy bread

Of course, Tim Tams have no competitor. However, I tried some other nice Aussie cake recipes. Lamingtons are cubes of sponge cake coated with chocolate and coconut. Click here for the recipe. Fairy bread is buttered toast sprinkled by “hundred and thousands” (these multicolor sugar chips). Click here to get the recipe.



Because Australia couldn’t only produce delicious food such as Tim Tams, obviously, someone created Vegemite…

Vegemite is an awful (Sorry…) spreadable paste made from yeast extract. There is just one reason why Australian people love it: they are used to eat it since they are very little kids! It’s black, salted, and has a strange taste… Anyway, Australian people usually eat it for breakfast, on buttered toats.

However, Vegemite is good for your health and the British Medical Association approved it as a convenient source of Vitamin B in 1939. Crazy people…

Anyway, if you like Vegemite, click here for recipes! And here is the  official website of Vegemite.




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  2. remind you of the 1st time we ate this “thing” in, MElbourne if i well remember…. we thought it was marmelade…it was not :s lol

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