Some photos of Hong-Kong.

After three days spent there, you just want to have some fresh air and grass all around you. In this city, millions of busy people live in a very small space. Buildings are well adapted: the skyscrapers are so huge that you almost have a stiff neck if you try to see the sky. Rooms are so small that if Antoine’s arms were 10 cm longer, he would have touched the opposite walls of our room. Some people live on old boats.

However, it is really impressive: just take a look at Victoria Peak lookout photo and you will understand. Lantau island is great, with its giant Buddha, its temples, and its small fishermen village . Hong Kong itself is amazing, with so many buildings, but so dirty. You can find small streets with even smaller markets everywhere. Dried fish, kimonos, almost for free.

Indeed, life there is really cheap. Taking the ferry to go on Lantau Island to see the Giant Buddha: 0,32 €. Taking the bus: 0,17 €. Eating a big plate of spicy noodles (made for a specific purpose: kill you): 2,50 €. Buying a Louis Vuitton scarf: still too expensive for me…!

The American civilization is everywhere: flashy lights on the headquarters, Mac Donald’s everywhere (aaah finally a fixed point!). Young Chinese are more trendy than I will ever be (OK… maybe it’s not a good comparison).

The biggest shock is probably dealing with people there. Politeness: Zero. And you never know what you can say without offensing them. Big issue for me and my legendary tact!

Some other details: don’t smoke in public areas, even outside. You will be fined 312 times a one-way ticket to Lantau. Don’t speak to the bus driver while he is driving: it’s considered as a crime. The metro is so long that you can’t see the front when you are at the back. And… that’s all!

In conclusion: I don’t even want to imagine living there, but if you have some time to visit… go to Hong-Kong!

A quick legend for the photos: Antoine in our hostel room, Aberdeen, Lautau Island with the Giant Buddha and the fishermen village, some markets, Victoria Peak and its cocktails! Some builgings, and other stuff… Enjoy!

A useful link: www.discoverhongkong.com



  1. Hey you!!!!
    Happy to see that you will finally share your experience on a blog, like everyone!!! Will you make me the honor of accepting me to reference your blog on mine???
    Anyway hope your enjoying your stay as much as I enjoy mine, take advantage of it it’s crazy to live abroad…
    Lot of kisses hope to see you soon in Angers (no don’t cry we have to go back I know it’s awful…).


  2. Hello!

    It’s still me!
    How people perceive the Olympic Games in Honk-Kong? Are they enjoyed?


  3. Hey Marie-Laure! T’inquiète tu peux parler français… faut pas pousser mémé dans les orties non plus, comme on dit 🙂
    Ben écoute pour les JO à HK, je n’ai pas trop eu le temps d’en entendre parler, je n’y ai passé que 3 jours. Cela dit, je peux demander je connais quelques Hong-Kongais ici (si tu veux trouver un Australien en Australie, c’est loupé… y’a que des asiatiques!)
    Et toi quoi de neuf?

  4. Coucou! (me voici en VF pour mon plus grand bonheur!) 😀
    Et bien je fini ma troisième année de licence de droit privé à Avignon. Et en ce moment c’est révision à fond…
    Et après direction Aix pour faire un master1 droit des affaires puis le master2 droit des transports aériens.
    Sinon coté vie sociale c’est pas évident car j’ai trop de boulot pour pouvoir sortir un peu….
    Alors ça fait toujours plaisir d’avoir des nouvelles d’un peu tout le monde.
    Bon courage à toi…j’attends impatiemment la suite de tes aventures 😉

  5. bon alors j’avais écrit un commentaire drôle, pertinent, intelligent et autres adjectifs s’accordant à ma personnalité mais après avoir cliquer sur “submit comment” sans avoir laissé mon adresse mail, tout s’est effacé!
    comme je suis travailleuse mais pas trop, j’ai la flemme de réécrire le message initial.
    Enfin bon, je te conseille chère soeur de ne pas trop glander et de préparer nos vacances afin que je puisse me la couler douce pendant un peu plus d’un mois!
    pas de bisous, tu sais bien que j’ai mangé mes chaussettes avec du jus d’orange!

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