Carey’s Caves

Tasmania is a really nice country that offers a variety of landscapes, including mountains, lakes, beaches, and… caves.

However, because our dear Swiss friends wanted to climb Cradle Mountain till the top, we didn’t have time to visit some!! But we forgave them when they told us that we could visit Carey’s Caves, in Wee Jasper, one hour from Canberra.

Five Indiana Jones (without hat nor whip, sorry) participated to this adventure: Moritz, Beatriz, Jack, me and James, from whom I don’ have pictures.




A nice guide, who was really happy to make me lose my “cave virginity” (…) made us discover a really nice and disorienting place.

I wish I was able to explain you why you have different kinds of rocks, depending on how the water is leaking through it, but our guide’s strong very strong Australian accent prevented me to understand, which was quite frustrating!

However, i will try to provide a legend for each following pictures.


Ok, not for this one. If you think it’s small, just imagine that this ‘fall’ is around 20m high.


Crystal tree, around 50-60 cm high


Slice of bacon! The iron in it gives the red colour


Small active crystals. Active crystals, when put in the light, are shining like snow.


Small pool where you can see the reflection of small crystals


The big falls on the right are active crystal, around 10-12 m high


Cauliflower power!

We were five arriving, we were five leaving: I never could lose Jack…



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