Île des Pins- New Caledonia

Aie aie aie Caraaaamba!

Now that I’m tanned from Maré, let’s move to Isle of Pines. As soon as you land on this island, you already feel the difference with Mare: On Mare, no touristic facilities, except one camping for the island. No taxis, no hostel, no real activities.

On Isle of Pines, which is a lot smaller, you can find at least three large campings that propose activities, help you organizing your three of four days on the island. Some nice hostels too. However, crual deception: on Mare, we had these fabulous beaches just for us, no one to share with. It seems that you get quickly used to this situation, because it was hard to go back to civilization and tolerate the tourists (come on! Antoine and I lived for a week as if we were Caledonian… we are not tourists!).

On this Island, I revealed my real nature: I want to be a diver!!Aaah, swimming all day long in this blue water, colourful corals and fish… I scuba dived for the first time of my short life, which was probably one of the greatest experience I’ve ever done (before I jumped from the highest bridge I found… Noo Mummy, I’m kidding!)

Hmm, by the way, what time is it now? Because I don’t recommend you to read this post if you are hungry… Just imagine…

You arrive on a beautiful beach, with palmtrees, and you realize that actually, it’s a restaurant. You seat, and then… you drink your fresh coconut milk and eat your big big big lobster with your feet in the sand.


So? Hope your pasta with butter was good tonight 😉

 After you fulled your stomach (I can swear that I left nothing in my plate), you can walk along the sand river, and have a swim in the natural swimming-pool among dozens of fish taht you can almost touch. You can also wait without moving for a while on the shore, and then run evrywhere moving your arms to try getting one of the hundreds of crabs that went out. Fun, but you will never get one!



To finish, my first lesson of surf!

 I leave you here, with a nice slideshow that will give you a better idea of where I’ve been… before introducing you to the kangaroos!

 See you!



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  2. dis donc ta barbe c’est naturel?

  3. C’est MAGNIFIQUE!!!!!

  4. ah ca me rapelle bien des choses tout ca! et oui qui a dit que les études consistaient à s’assoir dans une salle sombre? nous aussi on bosse et c’est pas facile!!! euhhhhhhh … bon tu m’attends je lache les rouquins de service et j’arriiiiiive!!!!!

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