Fraser Island and Lady Musgrave Island

Back from a long long trip!

Last week, Amadeo, Michael and me (once is not an habit, we didn’t leave with Alba and Beatriz, already enjoying diving and snorkeling in Cairns and the Whitsundays) left Canberra for Fraser Island by car. For those who have no idea of the distance, Canberra > Fraser Island = 1,500kms. That is to say, 17 hours in Yex, our little cute (and smelly) Toyota Yaris. After a great trip driving non-stop and killing no animal (yihaa!), we arrived in Rainbow Beach, a small city on the coast.

We met the girls there, after 40 minutes turning around the village (which means approximately 10 tours, Rainbow Beach is so small!) to find them, and then went to get the 4WD [4×4] version of our Tasmanian Party Bus, also known as Eddy.

On the barge for Fraser Island, we were desperatly looking for dolphins, turtles, or sharks. And even if Alba ordered the boat driver that she wanted to see some of these animals, they didn’t show up… Such a shame!

We then arrived on the beach and began a crazy trip on the sand. Fraser Island is only made of sand, so only 4WD are allowed on. If you don’t want to get stuck, better for you to have a big and strong car… Our first stop was the Lake Wabby, where Amadeo has his first swim. This lake is stuck in the middle of sand dunes where doing the buttefly was just a duty.


We then stopped at Eli Creek. Hundreds of little creeks join fresh water from the inland of the island to the sea. Eli Creek is the biggest one, where the water is extremely clear and where you can swim if you keep your belly in (hahaha, but everyone knows that I have no belly… or maybe not), because it’s very shallow.


The next day, we woke up very early to go to Indian Head, a rock with a very nice view on the sea, to assist to the sunrise. Hard to describe how beautiful it was: just imagine the sun rising from behind the clouds, with the sea all around you, and you may have an idea.


We then speeded up to go inland, in order to avoid the high tide and get stuck on the beach. We went to Lake MacKenzie, one of the main attraction of the island, with crystal water. Because the water goes through a certain kind of sand, it is very pure: no colour, no nutrient, almost no life in. Perfect to swim and take funny pictures of all of us, including Michael, bored whereas he has two beautiful girls around him…

The next stop was Birrabean Lake, the equivalent of Lake MacKenzie, but in smaller. Whereas the second attract a lot of people, no one was at the first one. We finally stopped by Lake Boomanjin. On the contrary of the two other ones, the water of this lake passes through coloured sand, which gives it its golden-red colour. Just check our feet into the water, and you’ll understand!


The next day, we left for the Great Sandy National Park, to have a walk in the rainforest and play Tarzan in the vines. We also met a death-adder (one of the most dangerous snake) around the first lake we arrived to. Actually, we are not sure that it really was a death-adder, but we all agreed to say that it looks more heroic to say that rather than that we met a random innocuous snake. (Breaking news: Michael told me that it was probably a python, innocuous…noooo!)


After we recovered from our emotions, we kept walking to a second lake, passing through a very nice rainforest. When you walk through, you have the impression to be in a green cathedral: quiet, impressive. Even if the lake wasn’t really nice, at least our 15-kilometer walk was.

The next day, we took the boat to go to Lady Musgrave Island, which actually looks like Normandie if you take off the sun and the sea (according to Thomas… I’m still sceptic. It would more be a paradisiac island lost in the sea). Honestly, the trip was terrible: after hald an hour on a really wavy sea, many people started to feel sick, and the captain, with her nice smile, told us that we had just done the third… Consequently, Michael and Amadeo were sick three times each, proving that it is a good thing that there is no sea in Switzerland, and also that I am more a man than they are: I wasn’t sick!

However, this trip was really worth it when we saw where we arrived: a small island covered by trees and surrounded by crystal blue water. Amadeo went for a dive while Michael and me snorkeled. We saw two turtles, and as usual many colourful fishes and corals. Big fishes were around the boat, waiting to be fed, and we had a great moment if fun looking at a long and thin fish literally flying on dozens of meters above the surface to get the food.



Our trip finished with a flat tyre, which gave the opportunity to Amadeo and Michael to final prove me that they are men…




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