Mr Fenner 2008

Thursday 22nd May was probably the funniest night I ever had since I live in Fenner Hall: Mr Fenner election, featuring our idole Sammy!

In a few words, Mr Fenner is the equivalent of Miss France at my college level, except that for once, there are no girls, but BOYS who parade!!
Here is the concept: you can nominate whoever you want, and the 12 boys getting the more nominations are the candidates. Each nomination costs AUD 0.50, because there is a serious goal behind this hilarious night: Fenner gives the funds to an association, Beyond Blue, fighting against depression.
Several categories are marked by a jury composed of Heads of Colleges, and the current Mr Fenner -my pleasure to announce the handsome Alex 🙂

Alba, Amadeo, Beatriz, Michael, Jack, Moritz and Coralie are proud to support SAMMY in his attempt to make us dream…


And now, let’s the show begin!!

Fantasy category:

Swimsuit category: useless to precise that Sammy got the maximum marks for this one…

And special talent category. Sammy’s one consisted to get a very competitive advantage: a rooster g-string (horrible… but funny funny funny!). Just to precise, he left the plastic in.

Even if he didn’t win, BRAVO SAMMYYY!!
And because I have to be fair and also display pictures of others competitors, here are some nice ones… Bart in a perfect imitation of a classic dancer deserved his election as Mr Best Legs; Ben singing Somewhere over the Rainbow; a balloon-maker; this guy massacrating his friend’s hair, and Sammy’s supporters preparing the banners!



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