My Friends, my australian family

I tell you about all I do, but I’ve never introduced you to the friends I travel and live with…


Age: 23

Nationality: Spanish

Main characteristics:

  • Cooks paella, spanish omelette and fideua like no one else
  • Put vodka in her sangria to make me sick
  • La Mama of the group: she’ll always take care of you
  • Talks talks talks, but has such a lovely accent…
  • Isn’t able to pronounce “Shoes” and “Wood” but says “Fuck off” perfectly!



Age: 22

Nationality: Colombian

Main characteristics:

  • Fan of noodles and carrots. Eat Milo (chocolat powder) with nothing except her spoon.
  • Isn’t able to cook rice, but makes good brownies.
  • Laugh, laugh, laugh!
  • Is the DJ of the group: viva la musica colombiana!
  • Would like to fly. She tried, she failed…




Nationality: Swiss (German side)

Main characteristics:

  • Sweats from the head when he eats spicy noodles
  • Never takes the easy way: why to go straight if you can climb this mountain?
  • Favourite (and very used) expression: What the hell…??
  • Snores at night, even when Michael desperatly tries to wake him up.
  • Rarely without his cowboy hat… Yeeaaah!



Age: 22

Nationality: Swiss (German side)

Main characteristics:

  • Also called Lord Michael Tim Tam Double coat King of the Maps, because of…
  • … his passion for Tim Tams (australian chocolate biscuits) and especially for the double coat one (with more chocolate hmmm)
  • … his very good sense of direction. Without him, we would probably be lost somewhere in Tasmania.
  • Feels cute when he wears Alba’s backpack (see picture)
  • Doesn’t like to be taken in photo, and when you see this picture, you can understand why!
  • Favourite expression(when going to the supermarket):  I take the Tim Tams!!!!!



Age: 22

Nationality: Swiss (German side. My God, they are everywhere!!)

Main characteristics:

  • Doesn’t know what “having a normal face on pictures” means.
  • Eat, eat, eat and eat again…
  • … but only when Amadeo and Michael cook!
  • Envies me because I can sleep in the car and not him. Ha ha!!
  • Can provide wool to an entire village for a year thanks to his hair… that he recently cut. Nooo!


And also:


Shane, the space cowboy and Dan, the man who looks like 12 years old without his beard




Fernando, who promotes Tasmania.  Paola, who always wakes up at 11am and Shobi our Singaporean dancer.


 Jacques and Moritz, who always see all the interesting things (penguins, platypus etc) whereas our group never see anything… Frustrating! And did I precise that Jacques was yesterday in one of the most important German Newspaper, and in the Italian one? (If you look carefully, you can see his face on a picture taken during the celebration for the Olympic torch in Canberra). I know a star!!




  1. JAJAJAJJAJA CORALIE!!!!!!!!!!! I dON´T like the picture you put of me 😦 Me veo horrible…… parezco una bruja.


  2. ai!! coralie- me encanta!!! i love d blog- very nice- i msut say your artitic taste has really shown with your selection f these pictures 🙂 very very impressed.

  3. Hey Coralie…
    I really have to thank you for making the immage of the family great in the world!!!
    From your pictures..we look like the Addams Family!!!!!!!!!!!!


    In name of all my brother & sisters I say:

  4. hahahaha..Singaporean Dancer…my oh my Coralie…u are my favourite french girl after all.. loves darling… see ya in an hour..muacks chicka

  5. […] My Friends, my australian family […]

  6. j’ai bien rigolé 🙂 et c’est vrai pauvre beatriz, t’aurais pu mettre une mieux , ou mettre une photo de toi avec une tête de c** quoi que t’en a une au naturel,toi! 😉

  7. Heyyyy!! The thing is that I always meet you when I wake up late, because I am not that sleeping girl jajaja.
    So great your blog!!!

  8. Coralieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  9. Oh my God!!!Coralieee ey i´m better than in this photo!!but anyway i love all the comments but i have to say that i´m not the Mama!!!Ayy noo!!!! the only thing is that someone have to take care of you!! and this nice girl it´s me!!!jajajja!!

  10. Ok GOYS (!), now your turn to find a nice picture of me and to make the comments… I swear, I will put it on my blog!

  11. Tu dois pas t’ennuyer souvent! XD

  12. Hola tu! Me encanta la fideua , alo mejor me preparo una este finde , Asi que te iba a contar : natacha viene en alicante durante 10 dias , llega este domingo , como se dice aquí Mola un huevo . Creo que aremos session playita , y salir por aqui , pero solo un poquito porque estoy de examenes hasta julio….
    Brefff j’aime bien coment t’ecris et je ‘envois de gros bisous espagnol^^

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