First week in Australia, first week in Fenner (my residence): let’s the party start!!!

In this page, pictures will probably be more efficient than words.  Keep in mind that you can click on whatever picture you want to see closer (just remember that enlarging the picture in the first slideshow won’t take the cardboard hiding Alex and Jatine off…)

Let’s travel into time, with a 1920’s party, Future party and Toga party.

If the following pictures do not make any sense, it’s normal, it was a scavenger hunt! That is in this kind of moments that you discover the real face of your friends.. Alba as a perfect cow-girl, riding her sheep. Beatriz in love with the rabbits (probably that her passion for carrots played a role in this…). Both of them salivating in front of beer kegs (don’t you have enough with Alba’s sangria-with-vodka-to-make-me-sick???)

During this scavenger hunt, I also learnt that they are two Barber Street in Canberra (I’m a superstar!), jumped for the first time from the 5-meter diving board (fortunately, the 10-meter one was closed… ouf!!), and the first and last time that I had this tiny, cute and so lovely 100-dollar note in my hands…

A bus tour of Canberra was also organized. It was really nice to discover the city I will live in for a few (too few) months. The first picture is Canberra from Mount Ainslie lookout. The second one is the old Parliament House and the fourth one the New Parliament House.



 And after a few weeks, time to recover from indigestion of sweets and fatigue, the commencement dinner, dress code: girls as princesses, guys as penguins.

And then, finally uni… next week!



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  2. hahahaha, Coralie!! so nice, long time ago this pictures!!!

  3. its like taking a trip down memory lane….even though all this was not too long ago…

    OMG….i’m gonna miss all of you so much….dont go back!!!!!!

  4. coucou cora c’est ta cousine lucie!

    sa me manque de pas te voir et de pas t’appeler

    j’éspère que tu vas bien en australie

    sa a l’air d’étre beau!!

    tu m’emméneras un jour j’éspère!!

    j’éspère que tu parles toujours francais!

    si il y a des fautes ne le montre pas a tatie ou

    tonton ou manou ce com!

    béné sa va encore

    je te fait de gros bisous la famille aussi

    ++< ❤

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