Posted by: coraliebarbier | April 26, 2008

My friends and Tasmania

After 10 days off (I know, you missed me), I’m back!

This week, big progress in my blog. If you click here, you will finally “meet” my friends in Australia.

I also created a page to talk about my trip in Tasmania. Click here to access the page. As I could’nt put all the pictures in the blog, and that I have a lot of wonderful landscapes, I put some of them on the wallpapers page, and I will also try to create a pictures album on the web (wonderful technology…). I’ll give you the link as soon as I will have done it.

I hope you will enjoy Tasmania as much as I did. It was really great!

Posted by: coraliebarbier | April 13, 2008

New Caledonia bis!

After Coralie in Maré, Coralie in l’Île des Pins… Click here to access the page and please, do NOT salivate on your computer when you’ll see my pictures!

I also put some wallpapers in the dedicated page PLUS A BONUS héhé…

Next week, I’ll visit the tasmanian devil, but I’ll be back in 10 days to finally introduce you to the kangaroos!

Posted by: coraliebarbier | April 9, 2008

New Caledoniaaaa!

You can now follow the adventures of Coralie Crusoe in New Caledonia!

Just click here, and enjoy…

I also added wallpapers from this beautiful country.


Posted by: coraliebarbier | April 4, 2008



I put some pictures from Hong-Kong that could be perfect wallpapers… Feel free to download them! Click here to access the page

Coming up soon: New caledonia wallpapers 🙂

Posted by: coraliebarbier | April 2, 2008

Welcome from the kangaroos!!

Hey Parents! Ola, amigos! Hey buddies!

You were all waiting for it, and finally, here it is.

My blog will make you travel with me all around the world, and show you everything you wanted to know that I never took time to tell you. If you want to be part of the very few people who will know my blog address, you’ll just have to be able to translate…

Navigate on the different pages, and feel free to leave comments. Just keep in mind that Mr Stephen Dann, e-marketing professor at ANU, will read it 🙂

Have fun!




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