Pambula and Merimbula

A nice week-end with my friends to the beach, featuring Alba, Amadeo, Beatriz, Fernando, Michael (impossible to catch in picture), Sammy and James.

And also a scary doll…

A first night in the house of Fernando’s friends, with a nice fire and a possum that frightened Alba.

And also a salsa lesson, poor Fernando

 A day on the beach, where I’ve already been for my first australian trip: Merimbula. Or the day I taught my friends how to imitate a fish…

Adventurous people trying to climb rocks…


And even more adventurous people trying to climb slippery rocks along a waterfalls, before realizing that it is forbidden…

But it was worth it, and we are all still alive.

 End of the week-end!



  1. […] Pambula and Merimbula […]

  2. One of the best trips!!! We had a lot of fun…

  3. still today one of the best weekends i have ever had with friedns!!! xx

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