Special nights…

The nicest nights take place when I’m with my friends… Sangria nights (never again!), Fideua or Paella nights (thank you Albaaaa!), birthdays (since we really have good dinners for birthdays, we decided to have one once a week) and a lot more.

In Australia, the 21 st birthday is one of the most important. Moreover, my birth is so important that a whole nation (thanks Irish buddies!) celebrate it as the national day. Aaaah, dear Saint Patrick, 17th of March! As a lot of other countries, including Australia, also celebrate it, I couldn’t disappoint them… So, I cooked (he he, surpriiiiise! and noone died yihaa) ratatouille (Foreign people: ‘But Ratatouille is not a movie??’ Me : ‘Eeeuh no, basically it’s a french dish…’). Amadeo the Chef and his help Michael then cooked awonderful three-layer chocolate cake (no no, it was really light). This cake was then evacuated by dancing all night long in an Irish Pub with Alba, Beatriz, and Andrew.

  A few weeks later, because ratatouille and cake were really far, Alba made fideua. This spanish dish looks like paella, but with pasta and fresh seafood. Sangria-with-vodka was our dessert…

This was a really happy night, and of course not due to the underhand hidden vodka…Another very good night was Potluck night. A potluck is when everyone cooks something and share with the others. Actually, a buffet… Alba cooked risotto, Amadeo home made gnocchis  with blue cheese (none of us then could seduce someone..), I cooked ratatouille (the only thing I can cook, but I do it well!) and I tried japanese salmon and noodles from Mark.

Mark that, I have to precise, has hair that changes of colour when he is stressed… Or would he have lied to me??
And that’s only a few nice nights we had together…


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