Back from my holidays in Tasmania!
The trip began on last Tuesday, when we went to Sydney: we were confortably sitting in a Starbucks Coffee (hmmm… Starbucks!), when Keanu Reeves arrived in a limo to present is new film (I don’t remember the title, but honestly: who cares?).
Suddenly, 8 people (ok: 4 girls) became crazy and ran to the cinema to see him. Aaaaah Keanu!!

If you like “Où est Charlie?” you’ll probably like “Where is Keanu” too! (good luck: I’m not even sure that he is in this picture!)

Now, let’s start the real trip.

Arrival in Tasmania. OK, as we all hold the map in a different direction, I just let you know that I am the one who holds it correctly…!

After we got the map, direction the Car rentals center to get our marvelous and unforgettable 12-seat PARTY BUUUUUS! We had so much fun in it… Party bus, we love you! And look look look, I drove!! And I didn’t kill any of the numerous wallabies, wombats or other animals that stupidly cross the road, he Beatriz?! :p


Then, direction Launceston in the North to pass the night in a friend’s family house. Hey Fernando! Two other friends, Jaques and Moritz, joined us there. Alba cooked her wonderful paella and sangria for 18 people…


Direction Wineglass Bay! A loooong road trip to join Wineglass bay, considered as the 10th most beautiful beach in the world… We are still looking for the 9 others!! As nothing goes without effort, we had to walk an hour in the montainous forest, by night, with 4 torches for 8 people… When we finally arrived, a light point was blinking to show us the direction: Moritz and Jacques, here you are yihaa! As tasmania is quite (aah euphemism) cold in this season, we made a fire on the beach to feel better… and to warm us up after a midnight bath (Sammy, I still have the image of your naked bottom in my head, please help me forget it! PS: nice photo below!).


Wineglass bay… with light! When we arrived by night on Wineglass bay beach, well, it was just sand and nothing else. Sorry, we don’t have night vision. But at the morning, what can I say, except wahou… After a breakfast interrupted by some nice visitors, we went for a short walk along the coast.



 The final point of view will be in the wallpapers!

Cliffs. After a trekking in the forest with conditions worthy of Indiana Jones, with dangerous tricks (a trunk bridge actually…), you arrive on the top of the cliffs, with an amazing landscape.



Port Arthur. Port Arthur is a former convict settlement, and one of the best known attraction for tourists, so obviously, we had to go there. It is a real city, with a prison, a church, hospital, etc. As a nice anecdote, a massacre occured in 1996. A man killed 35 people and was fortunately then arrested by the police. But we are young and happy-go-lucky (insouciant), so we preferred to take funny pictures of us.


Hobart and Lake Saint Clair.  After we made smiley sandwiches, we went for a walk in one of the various Tasmanian national parks, and Lake Saint Clair.


Cradle Mountains and its lakes. Nothing really to say. Pictures talk themselves! This wonderful mermaid adds to the beauty of the landscape…


Dunes. Huge dunes of sand, perfect to roll wahooouuuuu!!!!!!!


Montezuma falls, Russell falls and the Tall Trees walk. You have a lot of falls is Tassie. We reached the Montezuma’s ones after a nice walk in the rainforest, and arrived on a suspended bridge (nice when you have vertigo and that your d****** friends move it sideways!!!!). We also went to the Russell falls and the tall trees walk. In this forest, you can find some of the tallest trees, which actually are gum trees. They can reach around 80m high. Apparently, one of them is THE highest tree, but some other countries claim the contrary. How to know, but still, these trees are really impressive, and perfectly imitate the initials of Alba’s name.



Here is the end of the trip!! See you next week to (really) finally talk about Australia. Program: O-week!



  1. tu me ramenes un kangourou???? s’il te plaiiiiiiit
    je vois que tu t’eclate, profite bien…
    Kiss de Floride

  2. i can see a beeaaaaauutttiiiiifffuuuuullll landscape but not mermaid !!!? help me

  3. Ouhhh vous excitez pas les filles!!
    Alors pour le kangourou Tetelle, je sais pas, mes parentme l’ont bien dit avant que je ne parte: tu peux ramener un surfeur, mais PAS DE KANGOUROU!!! Donc, si je dois le garder quelques temps à la maison, c’est mort… mais promis, je tente!Quant à toi ma grosse tanche, regarde mieux: le point blanc qui prend la moitié de la photo, c’est la sirène! ou devrais je plutôt dire la baleine?? j’en sais rien.. bref…!

  4. Merkiiii
    Pour tes parents t’inquietes pas je vais les corrompre avec un truc de chez moi…voyons… un McDo? Un cd de rap? Du Coca? C’est dur d’habiter dans un pays sans culture pour ramener des cadeaux lol…

  5. Ey Coralie, well done, in my blog i wrote a lot!!!i have to put some photos to make it more interesting.

  6. Hello!
    Je comprend mieux ton enthousiasme maintenant, c’est trop magnifique!!!! (avec une sirène en plus, lol)
    Le kangourou me tente bien mais je crois que les animaux ne seront pas acceptés dans ma résidence à la rentrée. tant pis.

    Ps: Où est charlie? c’est beaucoup plus simple!



  7. Corialieeee…….Please quita la foto en la que se ve mi cola en primer plano!!! Por favor!!!!!! jajajajja

  8. tous ces paysages et autres photos sont ennivrants!! me donneraient une forte envie de recommencer une vie d’étudiant……..peut-être métempsycose aidant la faculté m’en sera donnée
    et bonne continuation jusqu’à la venue de la g…..

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